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"Alexandrov Rent a car" offers also the service "Transfer to any point in Bulgaria” by an ordinary car, mini van or mini bus. Our professional drivers who take care of your flawless and safe travel are at your disposal. To satisfy at most the client’s requirements "Alexandrov Rent a car" is constantly improving its motor fleet and offers first class services.

Destination Car Mini Van Mini Bus
Airport Burgas - Sozopol 40 EUR 45 EUR 50 EUR
Airport Burgas - Sunny Beach 30 EUR 35 EUR 40 EUR
Airport Burgas - Primorsko 50 EUR 55 EUR 65 EUR
Airport Burgas - Tsarevo 55 EUR 60 EUR 70 EUR
Airport Burgas - Airport Varna 70 EUR 75 EUR 90 EUR
Airport Burgas - Istanbul 220 EUR 230 EUR 250 EUR
Airport Burgas - Bansko 200 EUR 215 EUR 230 EUR
Airport Burgas - Sofia 180 EUR 190 EUR 210 EUR


Alexandrov rent a car offering a good service and correct attitude

Company "Alexandrov Rent a Car" offers car rental from different classes in Burgas, Varna, Sofia and resorts in Bulgaria. New, modern and reliable car hire, transfers, chauffeur car hire are part of our services. Our proposals will ensure the comfort and convenience you need. The price of the car rental service are included, full Auto Casco, vignette, road tax, vehicle maintenance, maintenance and of course unlimited mileage.

Who is authorized to rent a car in Bulgaria and what are the rules to be observed?
You must be 25 years of age and possess a driver’s experience of 2 years minimum to take advantage of our services.

What is necessary for entering into a Rent contract?
Just present your ID card or your passport and a valid driving license both with the ticket.

What period of time can I rent the car?
The minimum period of rent is 24 hours. You will profit from reductions in price for longer periods.

How and when should I pay for the hiring and returning the vehicle?
The deposit and the full amount upon the contract shall be paid in advance – net cash, on a bank account or by credit cards.

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Geographic Location
Located in the south-east of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria borders Romania to the North, the Black Sea to the East, Turkey and Greece to the South and Serbia and Macedonia to the West.

Bulgarian landscape is extremely diverse. The North is dominated by the vast lowlands of the Danube plains, the South by highlands and elevated plains.

A continental climate with hot summers and cold winters made the country a popular beach resort while offering good skiing in the winter.

More About Bulgaria
Currency Code Per amount Leva (BGN) Rate for 1 lev
Australian Dollar AUD 1 1.22477 0.81648
Brazilian Real BRL 10 4.60455 2.17176
Canadian Dollar CAD 1 1.30816 0.764432
Swiss Franc CHF 1 1.72062 0.581186
Chinese Yuan Renminbi CNY 10 2.56418 3.89988
Czech Koruna CZK 100 7.62566 13.1136
Danish Krone DKK 10 2.62109 3.81521
British Pound GBP 1 2.25313 0.443827
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 10 2.19514 4.55552
Croatian Kuna HRK 10 2.63749 3.79148
Hungarian Forint HUF 1000 6.16514 162.202
Indonesian Rupiah IDR 10000 1.22404 8169.67
New Israel Shekel ILS 10 4.76451 2.09885
Indian Rupee INR 100 2.42228 41.2834
Japanese Yen JPY 100 1.55595 64.2694
Currency Code Per amount Leva (BGN) Rate for 1 lev
South Korean Won KRW 1000 1.53085 653.232
Mexican Peso MXN 100 8.96491 11.1546
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 10 4.22243 2.3683
Norwegian Krone NOK 10 1.99966 5.00085
New Zealand Dollar NZD 1 1.17481 0.851201
Philippine Peso PHP 100 3.30416 30.2649
Polish Zloty PLN 10 4.51213 2.21625
New Romanian Leu RON 10 4.11191 2.43196
Russian Rouble RUB 100 2.63045 38.0163
Swedish Krona SEK 10 1.84186 5.42929
Singaporean Dollar SGD 1 1.27399 0.784936
Thai Baht THB 100 5.5265 18.0946
New Turkish Lira TRY 10 3.23588 3.09035
US Dollar USD 1 1.72259 0.580521
South African Rand ZAR 10 1.23366 8.10596